The Seed Eater
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The Seed Eater or Ragface is the eponymous entity of the Seed Eater ARG. It is defined by its characteristic of eating children, much like the typical boogeyman of any culture.


The Seed Eater is most often described as being tall and vaguely human in appearance. It is said to have a stitched face with only one open eye hole and long dark hair. It also emits a foul odor. Various depictions of it show it resting in woodland areas; even climbing trees or standing behind them. Strangely, the creature is said to make sudden noises or movements before disappearing when not specifically hunting its prey and attacks at day maby


The first person to actively report on the Seed Eater was Cliff Howry. On his blog, he reported various testimonies that he had been collecting. Then, others began to send in their own testimonies to the site, making up a collective of knowledge on the creature. The testimonies have brought to light several details:

The Seed Eater has been active since the 1960s at least. This is when the entry entitled "From Barbara" took place. Even so, the Red Book is dated to be approximately fifty years old (yet reported to be eighty by Dick). This gives a sense of scale for the time period in which the Seed Eater has hunted.

The testimonies have reached from different parts of the globe. It is well-known to North America, but has been said to be sighted in places such as Sweden. This has led to speculation that the Seed Eater either travels, or that there are multiple Seed Eaters.

Hunting GroundsEdit

It has been noted on several occassions that the Seed Eater marks certain playgrounds and parks as its territory. In the town of Brightmount Downs - a crucial location in the ARG - the Seed Eater has been known to attack in Morgan Park. This led to the firebombing that occurred there in the early 2000's. However, the newer videos that have been uploaded to Cliff Howry's YouTube channel have suggested that the Seed Eater has altered its hunting grounds to a park simply called The Grove.