Cliff Howry
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A yearbook picture of Cliff

Full name

Clifford R. Howry




Clifford R. Howry is a central figure in the Seed Eater ARG. He is the manager of the Seed Eater Experiences blog.


Over the months/years prior to starting up the blog, Cliff had collected several testimonies and pieces of information relating to, or about the Seed Eater. He then opened the Seed Eater Experiences blog in April of 2010. There, he began to post up the testimonies he had collected. Others soon began to send their own experiences in.

Cliff appears not to want to share other aspects of his life, prefering the anonymity of the internet. Therefore, not much is known about him as a person. He is suspected to be in his late teens to early twenties.

One aspect that is clear about his past is his own encounter with the Seed Eater. In 2001, Cliff (along with Todd Cade, Ed Toller, Del Zweig, Derek Chambers, and Scott Crane, had a run-in with the creature in Morgan Park. Given their age at the time, it was assumed that they could not recall the experience. However, Cliff recently uncovered evidence in the Red Book that points towards the use of a pure ritual on them.